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Let's create unforgettable digital experiences.

Fan Engagement  

Without the Blindspots

What opportunities are you missing?

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Turn Blindspots into Opportunities

Welcome to Tiparra, where we enhance sports teams' understanding of their fans by engaging with them across their entire fan experience.

Are you overlooking transformative insights and opportunities? Our platform unlocks your content to enable enduring fan loyalty, provides you with invaluable first-party data, and places full control of your distribution channels into your hands.

With Tiparra, you can see the full picture.

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Digital engagement with your fans while you’ve got their full attention – on Game Day

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Bring your existing platforms and content streams directly into your own centralised digital channel

Image of the crowd at an ACT Brumbies match


Capture non-transactional data to enhance your understanding of your fans.

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Fan Engagement as a Service (FEaaS)

Embark on a collaborative journey with Tiparra's Fan Engagement as a Service (FEaaS). Our team joins forces with yours, transforming the art of fan engagement into a shared mission. With FEaaS, innovation meets partnership; we intertwine our cutting-edge platform with your team's spirit, fostering a narrative of engagement that grows with every chapter.

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Image with three phone mockups of sports team Apps powered by Tiparra

White-Label Fan App

The Tiparra White-label Fan App is a customisable digital platform that redefines fan engagement by providing sports teams with their own branded mobile app. This cutting-edge solution allows teams to maintain brand integrity while offering fans a unique interactive experience. From live match updates to exclusive content, trivia, and real-time polls, the app serves as a hub for all things related to the team, deepening the fan connection and creating a vibrant digital community. It's not just an app; it's a gateway to an immersive sports universe, tailored specifically to your brand and your fans.

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2023 Mid-Year CEO update

Tiparra offers unique experiences for events and organisations. Listen to our CEO, James Hodge talk about our platform's successful partnerships with the ACT Brumbies, CBR Brave and local sports clubs, community groups, as well as our plans for the future, including a new app experience and a major milestone.

Tiparra and Social Media

The key to success is balancing Social Media and your own channel

You are already doing social media for your club, so why would you need a white label app?

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Why Tiparra?

Unleash the Power of Engagement:
At Tiparra, we understand the pulse of the game. Our cutting-edge, no-code platform offers a plethora of interactive features – from real-time updates to fan-driven content – tailored to keep your supporters glued to the game, whether they're in the stands or on their couches.

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  • Your Digital Clubhouse:
    Imagine a mobile app that’s not just an extension of your sports team but is your sports team. With Tiparra, your fully customizable, white-labeled app becomes the one-stop digital hub for your fans – a 'digital clubhouse' where engagement is constant, and loyalty grows with each swipe.

  • Maximize Every Cheer:
    Turn passion into profit by integrating seamless advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Engage your audience with exclusive content, in-app voting, and loyalty rewards that don’t just entertain but also open new revenue streams for your team.

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Get started

Curate Experiences

Getting started is as simple as installing the Tiparra app on your iOS or Android device and creating engagement 'Stacks'.

Stacks are a collection of Actions built by you, the creator, that your audience can engage with as part of a cohesive digital experience.

Actions can include video and audio content, images, PDF documents, rich text and hyperlinks, or two-way interactive elements like trivia quizzes, live polls, competition entries and data collection forms.


Transform Your Fanbase into a Revenue Powerhouse with Tiparra

Sports teams seeking a decisive edge in fan engagement and revenue generation need look no further than Tiparra’s White Label App platform. Designed with your financial success in mind, our platform doesn’t just promise an upgrade in engagement — it delivers a tangible "Net Positive Revenue" experience.

Completely transformed the way we engage with fans

The Brumbies Game Day App Powered by Tiparra, which we first used used in the 2022 season has completely transformed the way we engage with fans at Brumbies home games and has opened up new avenues to support our partners and sponsors.   It gives us the ability to rapidly upload new content as events take place, and the real-time feedback we get from fans for player-of-the-match voting feeds directly into our traditional on-ground engagements and really brings our supporters closer to the game.

CEO - Phil Thompson
ACT Brumbies Rugby CEO

Working with some of the best known brands