The Future of Digital Engagement

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Elevate Your Audience Engagement

Tiparra allows you engage with your audience at any event through their phone in real-time.

Use location-based discovery, polls, quizzes, competitions and real-time updates, to engage with your audience. All through a simple mobile app.

Whether you're a sports team, club, event planner, or business, Tiparra is the perfect solution to get your audience excited.

2023 Sneak peek

Tiparra offers unique experiences for events and organisations. Listen to our CEO, James Hodge talk about our platform's successful partnerships with local sports clubs, community groups, and big-name organisations, as well as our plans for the future, including a new app experience and a micro-sponsorships marketplace.

Get started

Curate Experiences

Getting started is as simple as installing the Tiparra app on your iOS or Android device and creating engagement 'Stacks'.

Stacks are a collection of Actions built by you, the creator, that your audience can engage with as part of a cohesive digital experience.

Actions can include video and audio content, images, PDF documents, rich text and hyperlinks, or two-way interactive elements like trivia quizzes, live polls, competition entries and data collection forms.

Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from some of our real-world users and learn how Tiparra has revolutionised how they engage with their fans, participants and partners.

"Tiparra has completely transformed our fan engagement and sponsor support. The real-time updates and two-way interaction have helped us to build stronger connections with our fans, while the customisable experiences and location-based discovery have increased our sponsors' return on investment." - ACT Brumbies Rugby

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"Tiparra has completely transformed the way we engage with fans at Brumbies home games and opened up new avenues to support our partners and sponsors.  We love the ability to rapidly upload new content at the last minute as events take place, and the real-time feedback we get from fans for player-of-the-match voting feeds directly into our traditional on-ground engagements and really brings our supporters closer to the game"
- ACT Brumbies Rugby

"Tiparra helped deliver a whole new level of engagement with our Calisthentics teams this year. The app made it super-easy for parents and coaches to keep track of progress during our Competition weekend, and the Trivia Night we ran with Tiparra was a huge success and a great fundraiser for our club."
- Deanne Calisthentics Club

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